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HIR is an independent research institution, since November 2001 owned and managed by Örjan Hallberg. Örjan has been working as quality- and environmental manager within Ericsson for decades. Since February 2003 he is working full time with Hallberg Independent Research. (CV)

Updated: 2015-12-25

All truth goes through three stages: first it is ridiculed, then it is violently opposed, finally it is accepted as self evident. - Schopenhauer

Latest news

  • New publication: Cancer vs. FM radio polarization types. European Journal of Cancer Prevention. Accepted 2015-12-24, In Press.
  • Field intensity from horizontally polarized radiation above a metal spring mattress.
    © Perant.se. Vertically polarized radiation has no possibility to create similar horizontal standing waves in a human body resting on a metal spring mattress.
  • New publication: Cancer incidence vs. FM transmitter density. Electromagn. Biol. and Medicine. Accepted. 2015-11-08. In press.
  • New publication: A Trend Model for Alzheimer's Mortality. See ref. 54 in the publication list.
  • New book: Before the bubble bursts... (Swedish version also available). Also as e-Book.
  • New publication: An Exponential Melanoma Trend Model. Int J of Statistics in Medical Res. 2015; 4, 65-71 (Ref 50 in the publication list)
  • Short video: An invisible threat. And background web site.
  • Increasing ADHD and decreasing Pisa school evaluation scores - Is there a connection?.
  • New publication accepted: A Melanoma Trend Forecast from 2002 - what happened then? (Ref 49)
  • Ebola survival time calculated from the statistics. See also http://ebolastats.com
  • Do Tjernophones cause Thyroid cancer? A world-wide problem...
  • New publication: Cancer and body height.
  • Annual numbers of new melanoma cases in Sweden explodes.
  • The use of spring mattresses in different countries may be estimated from cancer statistics...
  • Nature Precedings: Incidence response to a suddenly increased cancer risk. Posted Jan 12, 2012
  • Mattress cancer. Your choice.
  • Radiation levels above a metal spring mattress, a short video.
  • Presentation on cancer risks in response to a disturbed immune system. Denmark Sept 19-22 2013. The video presentation takes around 1h.
  • Cancer incidence vs. population average sleep duration on spring mattresses. A new article accepted for publication 2013-09-16 in Advanced Studies in Medical Sciences
  • Radio and TV Transmitter Overview. Melanoma and FM broadcasting...
  • An exponential model for melanoma mortality trends. New publication.
  • Decreasing brain cancer rates - a worrying trend? New publication.
  • EMF and health - some worrying trends you might not know about.
  • Presentation at the International Congress on Radar, Radiofrequency and Health Risks, April 20, 2013 in Italy. Download program. Summary of my presentation.
  • Increasing Melanoma - Too Many Skin Cell Damages or Too Few Repairs? New summary paper published 2012-02-18 by Cancers.
  • Mortality in brain cancer and dementia among elderly started suddenly to increase from 1997. The authorities explain the increase by a new death code, that was introduced in 1987, ten years before... (click to enlarge)

  • Strålande Tider (Radiating times) is a very small club, running for Stockholm Marathon on June 2, 2012. Look out for start number 193 46. Out of the 15968 people who started I came in as No 46 among men over 70 years who finally made it. You can always twist the statistics...
  • Epidemiology for the basic school.
  • Non-insulin diabetes on the rise in Sweden! See also this Video.

  • Aborted and born with heart problems on the rise!

  • Do you know how commonly metal spring mattresses are used in your country? Tell me!
  • What if radio waves could affect hormones?
  • Incidence response. A recently submitted manuscript on a suddenly increased cancer risk.
  • Interview in Bulgarian TV7. One hour show translated into Bulgarian.
  • Comparing lung cancer risks in Sweden, USA and Japan. Accepted Nov 3 2011. Published in ISRN Oncology 2012.
  • Brain tumor trends - modeling three hypotheses. New publication in J Neurol Neurophysiol.
  • Sleep longer and get more breast cancer. (At least if you sleep on an antenna bed...) Abstract.
  • To speak with one tounge only? Ahlbom out of IARC May 23 2011.
  • Brain tumor incidence model. Accepted for presentation at the June 2011 BEMS conference.
  • Increasing rates of head melanoma in Nordic Countries. Worrying trends accepted for publication.
  • 1-2-3, what gives us 4G?
  • Melanoma is suddenly increasing again, even for the younger. Something is affecting all age groups from the same year, 2004. Note that the number of deaths starts to increase even before the melanoma incidence starts to increase, exactly as what happened in 1955.
  • The experiment. Non-ionizing radiation may increase the cancer risk from cell damages caused by other factors. Also on Scribd.
  • Population control? Take a look at this video (8 mins).
  • Do mobile phones protect from brain cancer? Oddly enough, the brain cancer risk is going down in the two countries where Ericsson and Nokia reside, while increasing in Norway and Denmark. A deeper analysis is on its way...

Mad Englishmen. In September 1996 I predicted that around 160 people in England would die as a result of the mad cow disease. Now 14 years later we can see that I was wrong. Today 170 people have died...
Clic to enlarge.

Left-sided cancers in Sweden. The left side of the body clearly is more prone to breast cancer and melanoma also in Sweden. Take a look at these graphs.

Head and face melanoma on the rise! Our experts always state that mobile phone use has nothing to do with health problems. Since year 2000 the head/face melanoma rate has increased by 55%. At the same time the use of mobile phones has increased by 300%. Will we face a problem in the future or can this be disregarded as a matter of coincidence, as the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority tends to say?
Posted by Script Same in e.g. Denmark: Already too late?

The paper on left-sided cancers published in Pathophysiology has certainly drawn lots of attention. On July 2 Scientific American published a summary report of the paper for their readers. On August 18 Dr. Mercola posted a review of our paper and related issues. Both reviews have gotlots of interesting comments to read if you whish.

The risk for lung cancer seems to be lower in Japan compared to USA or Sweden. I gave an oral presentation of the study at the 3:rd World Cancer Congress, June 23 in Singapore this year.

  • Hallberg O and Johansson O. Lung Cancer Risk in Sweden and USA versus Japan - a Lifestyle Matter? Track program. Abstract.

Radiation levels A-E; a proposed standard. In what radiation environment do you actually live? And are trying to sleep in?

Another bloody paper: Electromagnetic radiation and your bloody heart

New paper: Logan A.L., Hallberg ÷. Skin cancer epidemic in a wireless world. Pathophysiology (2010) doi:10.1016/j.pathophys.2010.02.002.

An inconvenient graph. Melanoma mortality and incidence in Sweden.

Epilepsy and low energy lamps? Is there a connection? Data is weak, but deserves following up coming years.

Face melanoma among younger people is increasing in Sweden! The 3G-phones have been used from 2001 in Sweden.

According to the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority the use of mobile phones has no effect on population health! (Letters in Swedish).

I have finally added two newsletters in my list to the left so I could clean up some old stuff from this page. Enjoy reading!

Petition to president Obama regarding a public health hazard. Two articles are referred to in this petition, one of which is ref. 4 in my publication list. If you president Obama wants a copy of another of my papers, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Conference in Switzerland. I was invited to give a presentation on November 21 in Olten together with some very well known scientists. I talked about facts from radio engineering and cancer epidemiology and presented also some recent results from my modeling work.

Endorsements regarding EMF and health (only 43 kB)

Bed types and cancer incidence. A preliminar study of the use of metal spring beds in different countries indicates that a deeper analysis of the correlation between cancer and bed types used is motivated.

This preliminar study was accepted for publication on 2009-09-23 by Pathophysiology and is now E-pubbed since 09-10-17.

The trees are dying. And soon we follow... See an excellent review of EMF and health. May-be mobile phones should not be allowed to be used by people under 65 years of age...?

Rest In Peace Finally, I did as I preach. I disposed my old wave reflecting metal spring mattress where it really belongs.

Brain cancer among elderly is increasing in Nordic countries, but not in Sweden!

ICNIRP now admitts that FM radio frequencies are body resonant! Something we have pointed out in publications already in 2002!

A Telecom strategy Also at YouTube! And even in German language!

Sleep on the right side - get cancer on the left? This new research article has been accepted for publication by Pathophysiology 2009-07-01.

Hallberg ÷, Johansson O. Cancer and Broadcasting Radiation: Facts from Radio Engineering and Cancer Epidemiology. Presentation at World Cancer Congress 2009, abstract, June 21-25, 2009, Peking.

A summary of facts and fiction regarding melanoma. Also on Scribd

1997 again? Old women suddenly started to get more lung cancer in the Nordic countries from about 1997. Any comments from the authorities???
(Clic to enlarge)

Forbid mobile phones!

"Forbid the use of mobile phones in Sweden! - An article by ÷rjan Hallberg Publication Date: 6th April 2009. View full article ÷rjan Hallberg has put together a well researched and documented article outlining a number of increases in cancers and other issues (such as sleep disturbances) which have risen markedly since the takeup of modern GSM and 3G phone technologies, and promotes a strong argument that the possibility that mobile phones are at least partially responsible is very likely." (From www.radiationresearch.org) Also published by Omega.

(click to enlarge):

Increasing use of sleeping pills...

Increasing hyperactivity...

Sleeping problems are increasing but on the other hand the market for sleeping pills seems glorious... Also noticed in Omega news. The similarity to the number of spoken years via mobile phones may be just a coincidence according to the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority. Also see a Summary paper on this problem.

  • A patent to reduce dangerous radiation from base stations and more! "After a predefinable time interval without connecting signal, the base station changes over from the normal transmitting-receiving mode into a sleep mode, in which sleep mode no beakon signals and/or other radio frequencies are transmitted from the base station." Applied by Swisscom AG!! This is hot stuff! (1.1 Mb). Sleep Well and let us Live Longer!

  • The mortality in dementia suddenly started to increase in 1997! The new death code for Alzheimer deaths was introduced in 1987, so this in likely not the explanation! See also Alzheimer deaths!

  • And if you sleep in a bad EMF-environment during pregnancy, your child is at higher risk of developing autism!

  • Believe it or not, but even I can be wrong! In earlier studies we have noticed how cancer deaths started to increase when new broadcasting systems (FM) were rolled-out. And that it appeared to become reduced when some AM-towers were closed in 1979. However, by help from the National Board of Health and Welfare we found that this improvement was a result of changed routins for death certificates at that time.

  • The number of people who get headache after long and frequent mobile phone talks was 31% of 1900 asked in Jan 2009. This is quite in line with the earlier trend noticed by Hallberg, Oberfeld (ref. 18 in the publication list). Look at the updated graph.

  • On Jan 14 2009 I was interviewed regarding my research. You may look and listen via YouTube. There are six parts, each 10 minutes long. Hope you enjoy it!

  • DECT phone central in the bedroom? Perhaps not the most clever thing you have done in that case... Please, tell us what you have.

  • Cancer in the bed? What type of bed are you sleeping in? And have you got cancer? Vote and see the results for yourself.

  • A mobile cancer story!
    Not as fun as it first appears. You might start thinking...

  • The Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (PTS) had invited me on October 16 to give a presentation on my research regarding public health and radiation. The one-hour show first highlighted the cancer epidemic, and especially that of melanoma after 1955. The second part related to the worsening public health in Sweden since 1997 and finally some recent worrying trends after year 2000 were given. This presentation was the first ever given to a Swedish authority.

  • I recently noticed an article by Arthur Firstenberg published in January 2006 by The Eldorado Sun. It's an interesting summary of the Largest Biological Experiment Ever. Here also HIR research reports were highlighted.

  • I was invited to attend a conference on radiation and global health Sep 8-9 2008 in London arranged by the Radiation Research Trust. The conference was highligheted by several newspapers, e.g. The Daily Telegraph.

  • A description of our Excel application for calculating melanoma incidence trends.

  • To speak with one tongue. Health and mobile masts - what does the law say?

  • GSM1800 roll-out and increasing sickness in 1997. TeliaSonera: The list of roll-out dates is classified information!

  • Radio, TV towers linked to increased risk of melanoma. An article exclusively written for Foodconsumer.org.

  • The increasing use of mobile phones and increasing numbers of brain cancer must be just a coincidence; or a curiosity as SSI tends
    to say...

  • A 10 year perspective - written in 2001. Now we are almost there. What has actually happened?

  • Skin Cancer and FM - a well written summary of our melanoma work.

  • 9000 downloads!!! Not a sunshine story! Exact 9000 copies had been downloaded until April 17, 2007.

  • New homepage for melanoma in Swedish: http://hudcancer.nu

Areas of concern:

Electromagnetic fields and cancer -> Read the summary issued by WHO EMF-project 991 Enter ID 991.

A new project has started regarding melanoma modeling. See WHO EMF-projekt 1619 Enter ID 1619

Who is responsible? Responsibility

The global temperature increase -> Environment

New! Global Dimming makes the Global Heating more threatening! Figure 1 below is from a Swedish TV program Jan 26 2006 and shows the new estimates when Global Dimming is taken into account. Figure 2 shows the calculated response to CO2 increase according to the HIR report (link above) from 2003. Almost identical!

Figure 1. The new estimate of temp increase to 2100 according to Swedish TV on Jan 26, 2006.

Figure 2. The increase in global temperature to year 2100 as calculated by Hallberg (2003).

Ration card for CO2! What do our political parties think? Also see an article in Svenska Dagbladet about this in Feb 25, 2007.

Hallberg Ö. Optimism fördröjer nödvändiga åtgärder. Miljömagasinet nr 34, 24 Aug 2007. (Article regarding climate temperature response to increasing GHG and suggested actions; In Swedish). See also the Rationing project in England reported by The Guardian.

Climate change. Rapid response, published by BMJ 2008-01-31

Reliability and safety -> Reliability

A new reliability site has been opened from where you may download some reliability papers from 1975 up to 2000.

The Mad Cow disease and more -> Epidemiology

Predicting the future -> Future

Good links:

Vore BÝrns Fremtid - a Danish parents organization

FEB - The Swedish Association for the ElectroSensitive

Vågbrytaren Stockholm - research

http://www.magdahavas.com/ Magda Havas' good site.

BioInitiative - a comprehensive report is given regarding biological effects from electromagnetic fields



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